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Welcome Geeks, Gamers, and Misfits!

Julia Stamman counseling for geeks, gamers, and misfits

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My name is Julia Stamman. I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC).

I specialize in helping adults who identify as  geeks, gamers, and misfits by providing individual counseling in south Austin.

Are you looking for a therapist who won’t judge you? I hope so. There are parts of you that you don’t want to change, and that’s great! For instance, maybe going to burns, play parties, 24-hour movie marathons, or anime conventions has gotten you some eyebrow raises from previous mental health professionals (or anyone). Not any longer- you’re in good hands.

We can focus on the stuff you do want to change such as your anxiety with others, shame spirals, or your unhelpful patterns to name a few. Maybe you’d also like to explore what being a neurodiverse individual means, your relationship with gaming, or job stress in the tech industry. We will collaborate on what is helpful for us to talk about in session. Above all, we will work on stuck points and use the counseling relationship as a tool for growth. My approach to counseling is attachment focused, trauma-informed, and focuses on challenging you with warmth and curiosity.


How I Can Help You

Everyone deserves a caring space to be supported in self-growth and healing.

If you’ve gotten this far, it might be worth reaching out to set up a free consultation. Let’s talk.

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