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Monday - Thursday 10am - 7pm

Art Process Group

Join a 2-hour in-person therapy group for adults in the Austin area using art activities. This group is co-led by Julia Stamman and another therapist Kaylia Schunemann to give you two times the care and attention! We will use art materials to explore a different theme each week dependent on group members’ needs.

Themes may include: anxiety, depression, self-worth, relationship concerns, and identity exploration

Next Upcoming Group: August 10th for 15 weeks!

Art Process Group

  • Group meets at “The Workshop” 300 Allen St. Austin, TX 78702
  • 6 to 8 PM every Wednesday
  • $100 per 2-hour group; private pay only
  • Group lasts for 15 weeks
  • August 10th-November 16th, 2022
  • 45 min group discussion; 45 min art making; 30 min process the art making
  • No art experience necessary!
  • Attendance is expected each week. However, if you know you will not be able to make a session (due to pre-planned travel or work arrangements), let us know ahead of time.
  • This group is a closed group, meaning who we start with is who we finish with (no surprise additions along the way).
  • After the 15 weeks if you’re interested and the therapists agree with it you can continue with another 15 week round after a break.
  • This group is using CDC recommendations to take COVID-19 precautions. All members are required to be fully vaccinated.

Sign up to be on the the interest list for the August 10th start date through this contact form!

All artwork pictured here by Julia Stamman or Kaylia Schunemann

What To Expect

Group Structure

Groups will typically start with a check-in. Group members will engage in an organic conversation by sharing what is going on for everyone that week. You are not required to share, and we keep it interactional versus sharing round robin style. However, if you are more of a wallflower other members may get curious about you and start to ask questions.

After we check in, we’ll do an art activity together based on themes or topics that show up for folks. Some art activities you may work individually and others may be collaborative. Then, at the end of group we’ll make time to process the art making together.

The two therapists Kaylia and Julia will both be there each week. We will provide help with art materials, facilitate the discussion, and draw out the themes that connect us. We will also help maintain the emotional safe space of the group if interactions ever become adversarial.

Pre-Group Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute online consultation with the co-therapists. The consult is an opportunity to meet, learn more about the group, discuss what your hopes and expectations are, and see if it’s a good overall fit. Scheduling a pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.

Benefits of an Art Process Group

You might be wondering why join a group that uses art activities? Art helps us to rest our thinking brains for a while. Instead we can focus on communicating our thoughts, feelings, relationships, interests, concerns, and conflicts through a different medium.

Using expressive arts in a group setting in particular can foster an environment where you feel seen and connected with others. The art activities we choose are designed to help with a variety of inner and intra-explorations. We promise the focus is not on your artistic abilities! The common phrase is to “focus on the process, not the product.” In fact, the actual act of expressing yourself through art-making can be the cathartic and connective factor, not what ends up as the final product. Therefore, you do not have to be an artist to join the group. No art experience is necessary, we mean it!

As you progress in the group, you may be able to identify and express your emotions better in the here and now. You may also be able to develop a more coherent narrative about your life’s journey. You are ultimately responsible for being intentional about working towards your group goals. However, the therapists and other members are here to help you if you feel lost.

A Little More About the Co-Therapists

Julia and Kaylia have known each other for three years, run a therapy consultation group together, and meet regularly for book club. Our co-leading style is informed by a shared therapeutic approach. Additionally, there is a natural balance between our inquisitive and relational personalities (INTP and INFJ)!

Julia (she/her) was born and raised in Austin, TX. She has grown up with art making her whole life. Drawn to the more “resistive” mediums such as colored pencils, pen & ink, markers, and acrylic paint. She took particular joy in sculpture classes during her undergraduate studies and enjoys woodworking, welding, and mixed media of all kinds. In her individual practice, Julia sees adults who self-identify as geeks, gamers, and misfits. Julia is a Licensed Professional Counselor that has received training under The Art Station in Fort Worth. She is certified by the Institute for Play Therapy as a Certified Sandtray Therapist (IPT-CST), and is a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

Kaylia (she/her) was born in Berkeley, California and grew up mostly in north Texas. She enjoys working with more “fluid” media, including chalk pastels, oil pastels, and oil paints. For her, the most fun materials are colorful, messy, and malleable. In her private practice, Kaylia specializes in existential concerns, such as identity exploration, navigating uncertainty, and meaning-making. Kaylia is a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience leading art groups for residents at Sante Center For Healing in Denton, Texas. 

Have more questions? Use the contact form above to reach out!

Julia Staman, LPC, IPT-CST

Heart of the Realm, PLLC

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