D&D Therapy Group

D&D Therapy Group for Adults!

Dungeons and Dragons Therapy Group Austin TX

Join a 2-hour narrative play group for adults with anxiety and depression in a group setting through the modality of the tabletop role-play game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for Austin, TX area residents only.

Group therapy is intimating to most. Let’s start with something intriguing and fun to you: D&D. Play a therapeutic D&D campaign lead by Julia Stamman, a licensed professional counselor, in a private setting. Incorporate individual and collaborative goals in a safe therapeutic environment. Explore ways to cope and interact with others just a bit removed from “real life” consequences. Experience the power of collaborative storytelling-how we naturally make sense of the world- and how it can impact personal growth.

Sign up to be on the interest list for the fall online 2022 group through this contact form!

*If you have any limitations for availability, please be sure to mention this in your interest list contact form entry.

Question and Answer

Dungeons and Dragons Therapy Group Austin TX

How is a D&D Therapy Group different from a normal D&D campaign?

-We will have time to reflect on various themes and questions pertaining to character-player parallels facilitated by the counselor.

-Debrief for 20 minutes after each session out of character.

-The Dungeon Master (DM)/Counselor will be playing to the group’s specific needs and challenges.

-Confidentiality applies! This means you will not know the other players outside of group sessions, and will not be able to disclose what happens within the group to others.

Do I have to already know how to play D&D?

-Nope. I will use information gained during pre-group interviews with folks interested in joining to try to balance experience levels within the group.

-If you’re the type that likes to prepare beforehand, here are a ton of resources to get you started:

How to Ensure your Character Fits into your Party

How to Plan your Characters Future

Character Creation for Beginners video series by wasd20

How to play D&D video series by wasd20

The Player’s Handbook for D&D 5th Edition

-However, remember no experience is needed! We will walk through character creation and how to play together.

What edition of D&D will we be playing?

-We will be playing D&D 5th edition.

-It is up to your DM/counselor’s discretion to fudge rules and rolls depending on what is best for the group and individuals in the group.

Will you be creating individual arcs with players or will you have us go through a general group mission?


-I’ve written the overall plot/task of the campaign.

-During pre-group interviews we will discuss any personal goals you’d like to accomplish during the campaign and will be tweaking the adventures and story line as we go to incorporate your needs.

What does the actual structure of a group session look like?

Meet online through Google Meet and Roll20

-2 hour group once a week; Tuesdays or Thursdays 11am-1pm

10 minute intro and reflection questions

1.5 hours campaign play

20 minute debrief out of character

-Limited to 5 spots

-$60 per 2 hour group; private pay only

-Attendance is mandatory each session. The reason for this is that the group is significantly altered with absences of members. If you know you will not be able to make a session (due to pre-planned travel or work arrangements), let me know ahead of time.

-This will be a closed group, meaning who we start with is who we finish with (no surprise additions along the way).

-The group will last up to 12 weeks and will complete the campaign story.

How do I actually grow from playing in a D&D Therapy Group?

-Check out details here about the inherent benefits of playing tabletop role play games like D&D.

-We will take time to reflect on parallels between group dynamics, moral decisions, values, goals, characteristics, and conflicts.

-The caveat is always that you get what you put into the campaign. So I challenge you to focus on how you can translate all knowledge and skills from gameplay to your personal life. We will check in about this each session too!

Have more questions? Use the contact form above to reach out!

Julia Staman, LPC, IPT-CST

Heart of the Realm, PLLC

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