D&D Therapy Group

Online D&D Therapy Group for Adults!

Join a 12 week Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) therapy campaign for adults with anxiety and depression.

Group therapy is intimidating to most. Let’s start with something intriguing and fun to you: D&D!

Benefits of D&D therapy:

  • Explore ways to cope creatively
  • Build empathy and understanding
  • Experience the power of collaborative storytelling
  • Learn communication skills in a safe therapeutic environment

For Texas residents only.

Cost per session: $60 per 2 hour group; private pay only

Interested in the Summer 2023 group? (Tuesdays 11am-1pm June 20-September 5)

*Attendance is expected each week. However, if you know that you’ll not be able to make a session (due to pre-planned travel or work arrangements), let me know ahead of time.

Question and Answer

How is a D&D Therapy Group different from a normal D&D campaign?

-Confidentiality applies! This means you will not know the other players outside of group sessions, and will not be able to disclose what happens within the group to others.

-The Counselor/Dungeon Master (DM) Julia has created a campaign specific to anxiety and depression.

-Julia will help guide you to be intentional about character creation pertaining to your growth journey.

-We will reflect on themes and character-player parallels during reflection portions at the end of each group.

-Careful consideration is given to put a frame around the gameplay, taking time to de-role. Additionally, extra emphasis is given to safety tools regarding game content.

Do I have to already know how to play D&D?

-Nope! I will use information gained during pre-group interviews with folks interested in joining to try to balance experience levels within the group.

-If you’re the type that likes to prepare beforehand, here are a ton of resources to get you started:

How to Ensure your Character Fits into your Party

How to Plan your Characters Future

Character Creation for Beginners video series by wasd20

How to play D&D video series by wasd20

The Player’s Handbook for D&D 5th Edition

-However, remember no experience is needed! We will walk through character creation and how to play together.

What edition of D&D will we be playing?

-We will be playing D&D 5th edition.

-It is up to your DM/counselor’s discretion to fudge rules and rolls depending on what is best for the group and individuals in the group.

What does a D&D Therapy Group actually look like?

We meet online through Zoom and Roll20 2 hours for 12 weeks. We’ll take about 15 minutes to check in, do a mindfulness transition into character, and then spend the majority of time in gameplay. We’ll then transition out of character leaving about 30 minutes to debrief out of character how that session went.

Julia will act as your DM and counselor, and will be there to help facilitate character creation, gameplay, and draw out the themes that connect us. Julia will also help manage conflict resolution and aim to cultivate an emotionally safe space for all.

Pre-Group Consultation

Schedule a free 20-minute online consultation with Julia to learn more. The consult is an opportunity to meet, learn more about the group, and ask any questions you have. The pre-group consultation is not a commitment to join the group.

How do I actually grow from playing in a D&D Therapy Group?

-Check out details here about the inherent benefits of playing tabletop role play games like D&D.

-We will take time to reflect on parallels between group dynamics, moral decisions, values, goals, characteristics, and conflicts.

-The caveat is always that you get what you put into the campaign. So I challenge you to focus on how you can translate all knowledge and skills from gameplay to your personal life. We will check in about this each session too!

Have more questions? Use the contact form above to reach out!

Julia Staman, LPC, IPT-CST

Heart of the Realm, PLLC

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