Geeks considerations

“Idris: Are all people like this?

The Doctor: Like what?

Idris: So much bigger on the inside?”

                                                -Neil Gaiman


I started playing flat track roller derby in 2014 and became slightly obsessed with playing and watching the sport.

roller derby geek interest
Victorian Roller Derby in Action (not me)

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale

There are a lot of terms, techniques, penalties, gameplay strategies, and stats that would be lost on the average person. Whenever I choose to disclose this part of my life to others I have learned to balance how much I want to talk about it versus how much they are interested in learning about derby.


Roller derby is a huge part of my identity and expertise. It may seem odd that my geeky passion is a sport, however the reality is that the range of geeky topics is limitless. What binds these passions together is the common thread of absolute mastery via intellectual competence.


Whether it’s a type of technology, film series, architectural period, species of frog, or coffee bean roast, you likely have a subject that you derive satisfaction and a sense of identity from if you’re reading this.

coffee and computer geek interest

People know to go to you about this matter for advice or knowledge. Frustratingly, some might also start to tune you out if you go into too much meticulous detail. Even worse, sometimes you feel like you can’t relate to others who don’t share this common interest. Maybe you’ve lost interest in people who are “normal” or even resent them. Maybe you were bullied when you were younger and still feel othered when you’re not with your tribe. Maybe you don’t like the label geek or never identified with it because of the stereotypes.


My hope is that as your counselor I can help you to feel comfortable for who you are in session. We can incorporate your geeky passion in counseling when appropriate if that makes sense for your healing journey. Just an example: if you want to bring in a quote from your favorite graphic novel that inspired you to do some self-reflection, we can talk about it!

Comic book geeky interest


If you’re interested in connecting, you can e-mail me here. I am accepting new clients in South Austin at this time, so I’d be happy to set up a free 30-minute consultation with you.


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