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Journal Article Publications

October 2018

Prosek, E. A., Giordano, A. L., Woehler, E. S. Loseu, S., Stamman, J., Lollar, S., Grossman, H., & Stroh, L.
(In press). The experience of religion and spiritualty among college students who use illicit
substances. Counseling & Values

August 2016

Giordano, A. L., Prosek, E. A., Stamman, J., Callahan, M. M., Loseu, S., Bevly, C. M., Cross, K., Woehler, E. S., Calzada, R. M. R. & Chadwell, K. Addressing trauma in substance abuse counseling. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education.

March 2016

Giordano, A. L., Prosek, E. A., Loseu, S., Bevly, C., Stamman, J., Molina, C. E., Callahan, M. M., & Calzada, R. M.  Self-efficacy among adults in substance abuse treatment: Examining the role of religious coping. Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling.

Media Publications

August 2019. Guest Writer on Counseling South Austin’s Blog- Autumn Anxiety in Austin

September 2017. Guest Writer on Pride Counseling Austin’s Blog- What if I’m Geeky and LGBTQ+?

Invited Talks

Stamman, J. (2022, January). How to Incorporate Yalom’s Therapeutic Factors into your D&D Therapy Group. Live Training for Geek Therapeutics. Remote.

Stamman, J. (2022, February). D&D Therapy Groups: The Challenging Player Types. Live Training for Geek Therapeutics. Remote.

Conference Participation

September 2022. Panel Speaker at Superhero Therapy Conference- I Have No Clue What I’m Doing!: Adulthood and the Need to Play to Thrive

April 2021. Presenter at Therapeutic Applied Geek Gaming Summit- Sleight of Hand These TTPRG Mechanics to Make Your D&D Therapy Game Better

September 2020. Panel Speaker at PAX Online- Roll for Healing: Therapeutic Game Master Round Table

September 2020. Panel Speaker at PAX Online- Mission: Diversity and Inclusion Within Geek Culture

January 2020. Panel Speaker at PAX South- Gatekeeping Makes You Look Like an A**Hole

January 2020. Panel Speaker at PAX South- Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game? Frustration & Gaming.

March 2019. Panel Speaker at SXSW Conference- Upgrade your Experiential Storytelling with D&D.

January 2016. Presented Paper at Texas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (TACES).

Selected Press and Media

November 2020. Podcast Guest on “NextQuest Podcast” Julia Stamman, LPC on Neurodiversity, Geek Culture, and Relational Trauma

March 2019. Podcast Guest on “But, Have you Considered Therapy?” Episode 24: Therapy for Gamers, Geeks, and Misfits.