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I am offering online counseling sessions for Austin/Austin area residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

telehealth Austin

I am offering telehealth through SimplePractice, a HIPAA-compliant secure video platform. All you really need is either a smart phone with a camera, or better yet a laptop or desktop with a webcam. Lastly, if you just have a phone and no camera, we can do phone sessions. I’ll walk you through all the steps of getting set up to create a hassle-free experience of online therapy.

During these unprecedented times, a whole lot can come up for us.

Our anxiety and depression we’ve already been living with can flare up.

anxiety and depression

In some ways, you may resonate with these statements:

“What’s the big deal? This is what my anxiety brain has been preparing me for!”

“I’m an introvert so not much has changed.”

But you may also feel depletion and scarcity:

“I used to stay busy all the time, and now the stillness is really uncomfortable.”

“My body is tricking me into thinking the isolation is my fault.”

“I’m an extrovert, help!!”

“I can’t stop reading the news compulsively.”

“Everything is getting cancelled, this sucks.”

“My thoughts are being bombarded by my health and my loved one’s health.”

“I’m not sure what comes next and it’s scary.”

How I can help during these times.

I’m not going to try and put a silver lining on your pain. Counseling can help create a space where you don’t have to put on your brave face anymore. We can organize the ferris wheel of your thoughts, concerns, and triggers.

One of the keys to not having a traumatizing event stick in ways we don’t want it to is being able to connect and share what you’re going through while you’re going through it. Yes, this is totally a traumatic event: we are in a global crisis. This is what makes going to counseling now more important than waiting until we’re back to our new normal. I strive for a holistic approach to counseling, incorporating your body into the healing process.

Most important of all, there is absolutely no judgment for how you’ve been getting through this thing so far!

Research shows that telehealth is effective!

telehealth is effective

A ton of research has been conducted over the years just to be sure that this futuristic telemental health stuff is effective. Results are in and they are showing positive reviews for video sessions.

You may have already been using video services with friends and family at this point. If you’re comfortable with it, great! If not, I can provide lots of info and support to get you real comfy while we adventure into this new territory.

In addition to connecting individually, you have the option to join a Dungeons and Dragons therapy group that I run. Learn more about that group here!

What do you do if you’re interested in getting started?

Julia Stamman LPC Austin
Julia Stamman, LPC

Use my contact page to reach out and ask any questions you might have for me.

After that, we’ll find a time to schedule a free online 30-minute consultation! I’ll send you a link to fill out a quick consent form for telehealth just because we will be using SimplePractice right from the get-go. You’ll get a link for our private secure video call 10 minutes before the consult. Then we’ll meet and you can ask any questions you have for me, and see firsthand what it might be like to work with me. Easy peasy!

I would be honored to hold the space for you as you navigate this weird new chapter of life. Let’s connect. 

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