Psyche Encounters

Psyche Encounters: Navigator Knights is a 5e compatible adventure module! Embark on a mind-bending odyssey with the Navigator Knights. Explore the unchartered territories of Mind Maps, where feelings and dreams come to life, and mysteries unravel in the recesses of the psyche.

Will you decipher the cryptic metaphors, face inner demons, and emerge victorious? Or will the seduction of despair’s influence prove overwhelming?

Join the Navigator Knights in their healing expedition!

Part 1: Navigator Knights

Navigator Knights Module in PDF — $14

What’s Included in this Module:

  • 36 pages
  • 9 sequential encounters
  • 11 magic items
  • 2 new monsters
  • 5 maps
  • A ranger subclass archetype
  • A Navigator Knight feat
  • Original art throughout

This module is ideal for 5 characters, progressing through levels 1-3.

Navigator Knights has undergone playtesting and multiple revisions since 2020.

This adventure features a well-balanced mix of roleplay, exploration, and combat-focused encounters. Additionally, each encounter has a paired journal prompt for self-reflection.

Sample Pages:

Psyche Encounters: Navigator Knights Module

Navigator Knights Module in PDF — $14

Coming Soon: An opportunity to continue on with the adventure module!

This adventure, “Navigator Knights,” serves as the first installment of many parts in the overall module Psyche Encounters. So, the ending includes an option to leave the story open-ended for the characters to continue on to part 2.

Author Julia Stamman (she/her) has found personal and professional growth through playing TTRPGs. She has been playing D&D since the early 2000s, and finds ways to sneak in healing through storytelling. She has spoken at conventions such as PAX and SXSW about D&D Group Therapy and its benefits.

A note on Mental Health Themes:

While this module incorporates mental health themes as part of its narrative, it is essential to emphasize that Game Masters (GMs) are not mental health professionals. The content is solely intended to facilitate an immersive and engaging storytelling experience within the game.

GMs should exercise caution and avoid attempting therapeutic interventions or offering mental health advice to players, even if the module explores themes related to mental well-being. Furthermore, It is crucial to maintain a clear boundary between the role of a GM and that of a mental health professional.

If any mental health concerns arise during the game, encourage players to seek support from qualified professionals or appropriate resources such as searching for geek therapists in your local area. The primary focus should always be on creating a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

Remember, the well-being of your friends and fellow players is of the utmost importance. If in doubt about how to handle sensitive topics, certainly err on the side of caution and prioritize the health and comfort of everyone at the gaming table.

Lastly, explore the journal prompt sections corresponding to each encounter, and if you wish, consider discussing your responses with a qualified mental health professional.

Want more training?

If you’re a mental health clinician interested in running your own D&D Therapy Groups, check out my training offerings here!